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Softball Power Drive - Fastpitch Softball Training Aid

The Softball Power Drive is the “ORINGINAL US PATENT” training aid used for both softball pitching and softball hitting. Practice in real game conditions from the mounds rubber with US Patent channel mount technology. This US Patent mount around technology fits tight over the rubber which prevents any slippage or movement to allow a clean power drive. Also the power plates US Patent pendulum design operates on athlete’s gravitational force ONLY to allow a natural momentum delivery or swing just like professionals in a live game. No springs to alter a delivery or swing. It is made in the USA of solid steel weighing 15 lbs and built to last a life time. Also includes an anti skid pad for flat ground drills and softball hitting use.

Designed by Professional Trainers and Coaches

The Softball Power Drive is the first US Patent softball pitching and softball hitting training aid that teaches softball players to maximize their lower body muscles for higher performance by creating more power. It was developed from the trainers, coaches and inventors of the original US Patent Pitchers Power Drive for baseball.

Softball Pitching & Hitting Training
The Softball Power Drive teaches players to use their stronger lower body muscles to pitch and hit for more softball power and success. The US Patent plate to plate auditory click tells the player they are maximizing the kinetic chain starting from the ground up by using the power of legs, hips and torso. This generates a stronger softball pitching and softball hitting power drive and hip drive which increases pitchers velocity and increases hitter's power swing by proper use of lower body. US Patent gravitational force design allows proper timing of auditory click when plates contact each other in athlete’s natural momentum delivery or swing


Choice of Collegiate and Professional Players

The Softball Power Drive in just 2 ½ years is already being used by over 300 top level softball organizations/teams including 200 Colleges. Along with the Hitters Power Drive and Pitchers Power Drive for baseball which is the "Training Choice of Professional and Collegiate Pitchers" with 22 MLB Professional and over 300 Collegiate teams using, the Softball Power Drive has become the "Choice of Collegiate and Professional Softball Players" because it is a great training aid. Review the web site pages of high level softball players, instructors, teams and coaches who are already improving Fastpitch softball power performance with the Softball Power Drive.
Power Drive Performance and Winning Pitchers Academy is a training company that develops player skills through lessons to reach their highest potential. We care about softball power training tools that transfer teaching to increase softball player performance. The US Patent Power Drive Performance training aids gravitational force operation allow athletes to practice in live game environment with a proper natural momentum delivery or swing. This is why over 500 Collegiate and 22 MLB teams are training on Power Drive Performance training aids. The “ORINGIAL US PATENT” design.

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