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Softball Power Drive - Girls Fastpitch Softball Pitching Training Aid

The “Original” US Patent Softball Power Drive training aid teaches softball pitchers to use their legs more effectively by linking up the timing from initial foot push with the proper body posture angle to be a softball power pitcher. All great athletes use their lower body power to maximize the kinetic chain to create explosive power. The Softball Power Drive maximizes the push of the softball pitchers foot as the starting point through the leg drive and body to finger tips which is the final link of the kinetic chain.
Softball Pitching Drills
The Softball Power Drive with the US Patent channel mount technology teaches with softball power drills and by pitching live from the Power Drive to a catcher. The softball power drills are included with the Softball Power Drive. Also all Softball Power Drive owners have free access to our regularly updated web base training page. Softball power drills and softball skill building is presented by Winning Pitchers Academy, College Softball coaches and Softball Training Academy owners.




The Softball Power Drive is the “ORINGINAL US PATENT” training aid used for both softball pitching and softball hitting.

  • US Patent channel mount technology allows practicing in real game conditions from the mounds rubber
  • US Patent mount around technology fits tight over the rubber preventing slippage or movement to allow a clean power drive
  • US Patent power drive plates pendulum design operates on athlete’s gravitational force ONLY to allow a natural momentum delivery or swing just like in a live game. NO SPRINGS to alter a delivery or swing
  • US Patent gravitational force design allows proper timing of auditory click when plates contact each other in athlete’s natural momentum delivery or swing
  • “Owners” web base training site which is updated often with professional trainers, college and professional coaches
  • Designed by professional trainers at Winning Pitchers Academy and Collegiate and Professional coaches
  • Made in the USA of solid steel weighing 15 lbs and built to last a life time with 5 year warranty
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